Here is a picture of most of my immediate family...

Angel, Anthony, Rebecca, Melissa, Kelly, me, Terry, ca 1994
From right to left there is...
my wife, Terry
My oldest daughter, Kelly Snook
(I have 3 daughters)
My granddaughter, Melissa
Melissa's mother, my youngest daughter, Rebecca
Rebecca's son, and my grandson, Anthony
Rebecca's husband, and father of my grandchildren, Angel Martinez.

My oldest daughter, Kelly, who works at NASA and is sometimes a rocket scientist, sometimes a space cadet...

Kelly, 2000, on a card made by some friends

My middle daughter, Stephanie, and her husband, Faizi Alves, on their wedding day...

Faizi and Stephanie
Stephanie wasn't in the family photo above because she was at that time serving at the Baha'i World Center, in Haifa Israel, where she met and married Faizi, a Brazilian Baha'i.

My youngest daughter, Rebecca

Rebecca, ca 1997

And just to show you how cute my grandkids really are...

Melissa and Anthony, ca 1994

Emily Isabella b. 6/29/98 in Brazil

I think Emily has Terry's "knowing look" (2/99)

Here is Emily with Faizi (2/99)

Emily with Stephanie (2000)

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