Reflections on Healing the Ills of Our Culture

Reflections on Healing the Ills of Our Culture

As I learn more about the history of slavery in my country, I reflect on how hard it was for the people who had power in the situation and had grown up invested in sustaining it to see a way out of it, or to even see the profound need to do so.  The culture was infused with rationalizations, a sense of moral right, a distortion of reality to support the system, and an immense gap between the state of affairs and where it should get to.  Despite the goodwill and efforts of many people, the result was that the problem grew to the point of a terrible war, with a very long tail of aftermath stretching forward to our time.

So I ponder: what are the things we believe in and participate in today that a century or two from now will be viewed as reprehensible, and yet today we rehearse their rationalizations and are acculturated to believe that they are acceptable and right, or at the least habitual and little examined?  And do we have the ability to change them, starting with our own beliefs and perspectives, and with making changes in both our individual and collective behaviors and in the structural institutionalization of these ills in our civilization?

Here are some possibilities that come to mind.

  • The extreme inequality we have in how we share resources and prosperity.
  • Our dependence on and addiction to fossil fuels, and the opposition that arises to the investment in and invention of cleaner and more renewable sources of energy.
  • The School-to-Prison Pipeline, and the funding of law enforcement by subsidies from privately-operated prisons.
  • Our belief in competition, rather than cooperation, as being the best model for advancement of our endeavors.
  • The reduction of our value systems to the use of the financial bottom line as the primary and essentially only credible way of evaluating human endeavor.
  • The way we produce food having become corrupted by the centralized power systems that have come to exist as we have figured out how to produce food in the quantities needed to sustain the nutrition of a growing humanity.
  • The way we use language to criticize, tear down, focus on the negative, backbite and otherwise negatively impact our social environment.
  • The way we think of ourselves first as separate psycho-physical realities, with self-interest coming first.
  • The way we devalue the education of our children, as evidenced by the fact that we fund our cars and our vehicle services better than we fund the education of young people, and by how we fail to respect and properly compensate the great profession of teaching our children.

I don’t believe that these issues are just “out there”, something that “they” are responsible for.   These issues play out inside every one of us to some degree, as they are deeply woven into the conditioning we are immersed in culturally.

If that is so, then, notwithstanding taking appropriate social action around particular issues, we may expect that changing our minds, changing our beliefs, changing our hearts, changing our conception of what we really are as human beings, would be essential.   Key elements for bringing about such change would be public and private discourse, time taken personally to reflect on our contribution, and the way we educate our children and empower our youth.

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Scientists create the first digital ‘tree of life’ for 2.3 million species –

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SL12B: Ebbe Altberg on Second Life & Sansar – transcript and video | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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Electron Microscope views of vinyl and optical audio discs

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Second Life Benefits for Those with Disabilties — The Drax Files: Episode 13: Creations for Parkinson’s

Draxtor Despres has a whole series of enlightening documentaries about the value and benefits of Second Life.   Fantastic documentary work.  This is among his best…  How experiences in Second Life benefit those with Parkinson’s Disease.   I had the pleasure of meeting Fran and her daughter in world yesterday.   This is very much worth the watch…

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UFO Documents Index- NSA/CSS

UFO Documents Index- NSA/CSS

The documents listed on this page were located in response to the numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). In 1980, NSA was involved in Civil Action No. 80-1562, “Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency”. .

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FreeMind – a new, free Mind Mapping tool.

I have used MindMapper Pro from MindJet for years and really like it.

A quick look here says that FreeMind appears to have 2 obvious plusses… free, and the ability to get a denser mind map when you need a lot on the page.

But MindMapper does give me a “look” more like a whiteboard mindmap which feels more mindmappish.

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Online Baha’i Calendar (Badi Calendar) is a visual Baha’i calendar designed to help Baha’ís integrate the Baha’i calendar into their daily lives.

Source: The Baha’i Calendar – (Badi Calendar) calculator

This is an online Badi calendar, consistent with the new guidance from the House of Justice in its 10 July 2014 message

Note that Feast days and Holy days may now fall on different days than in the earlier approximation of the calendar, and can differ from year to year.

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Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications — ScienceDaily

This coud open a whole new area of understanding of the connection between the mind/brain and the immune system.


Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications — ScienceDaily.



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KittyCatS for Dummies – everything you wanted to know to get started as a cat owner in Second Life

For those who are completely new to KittyCatS in Second Life, like me, here is a conversation I had with a member of the support staff at their in-world store on 5/10/15. I’m publishing it here with his permission, and in exchange I give permission for KittyCatS to use this, by link or copy, now or in the future, in any way they want.I teleported to the KittyCatS main store[14:07] KittyCatS: Welcome, feel free to explore our sim, if you have any questions or need help you can check in the support pavillion who is online. Enjoy your stay!
[14:08] Greeter owned by SmartKittyCat gave you ‘KittyCats Mainshop’ ( KittyCats (124,113,22) ).
[14:08] You have added “KittyCats Mainshop” to your Landmarks folder.
[14:08] Greeter owned by SmartKittyCat gave you ‘Information-EN’ ( KittyCats (124,113,22) ).
[14:29] StrayCat Southpaw: Welcome to KittyCatS!
[14:29] StrayCat Southpaw: Please let me know if I can be of assistance ☺
[14:29] Me: thanks
[14:30] Me: i am trying to help my partner learn about care and such of KittyCatS. A friend is offering her a 30d old cat, and we know a tiny amount about where to get supplies, costs, etc.
[14:30] Me: Is this store where one buys food, or even PermaCat conversion?
[14:31] StrayCat Southpaw: yes :) let me walk you there
[14:31] StrayCat Southpaw: This right here the big bottles are the permapet potion
[14:31] StrayCat Southpaw: the one smaller is that for cats at age 120 days and older
[14:32] StrayCat Southpaw: the bigger one is for younger ones
[14:32] StrayCat Southpaw: food is on the left hand also
[14:32] StrayCat Southpaw: if you choose not to permapet
[14:32] StrayCat Southpaw: then you would need food and that stands here… follow me
[14:33] StrayCat Southpaw: sorry so here’s the food
[14:33] StrayCat Southpaw: :)
[14:33] StrayCat Southpaw: you don#t need milk
[14:33] StrayCat Southpaw: but food is essential
[14:33] Me: i see, the PermatPet is differentiated by whether the cat is >120 days (> breedable).
[14:33] Me: is that right?
[14:34] Me: 1800 vs 1500
[14:34] Me: that is a reasonable price.
[14:34] StrayCat Southpaw: thats what i tried explaining… the one 1800 L is for cats of age 7 days to age 119 days
[14:34] StrayCat Southpaw: if the cat is older than that starting 120 days age then its 1500 L
[14:34] StrayCat Southpaw: in the end it pays off
[14:34] StrayCat Southpaw: the oldest permas of mine are 4 years
[14:36] Me: until then do the cats only REQUIRE food, and milk is optional for faster breeding?
[14:36] StrayCat Southpaw: if you breed it then you need at least food for them to breed and not get sick yes
[14:36] StrayCat Southpaw: fastening the breeding pace can be done by either feed milk
[14:36] StrayCat Southpaw: or daily 30 minutes interaction like cuddle/hold
[14:37] Me: can a Kibble 20 be used to feed one cat for 20-40 months?
[14:38] StrayCat Southpaw: if you have just one cat and you have breed enabled that lasts for 20 times 28 days
[14:38] Me: (in other words, less than 20 cats for more time)?
[14:38] StrayCat Southpaw: if cat breeding ability is turned off it lasts twice the time
[14:38] StrayCat Southpaw: however if you spend 2950 L on 20 food you can buy 2 perma pet potions from it almost
[14:38] StrayCat Southpaw: and that means life time no food
[14:39] StrayCat Southpaw: but also no breeding it then
[14:39] StrayCat Southpaw: the choice is hard but up to you :)
[14:39] Me: so the decision is what to do a) about breeding (e.g. convert <120 d), and in either case once they are past breeding you’d have them as permacats.
[14:39] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[14:40] StrayCat Southpaw: you can apply the potion afterwards then it would be just 1500 L
[14:40] Me: is it 120 actual RL calendar days?
[14:40] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[14:40] StrayCat Southpaw: 120 days RL
[14:40] Me: starting from?
[14:40] Me: birth?
[14:40] StrayCat Southpaw: starting at birth
[14:40] StrayCat Southpaw: you can see it in its hover text
[14:40] StrayCat Southpaw: how many days it has been living
[14:40] Me: so if our friend wants to give us one of her cats, 30d old, we would need to do whatever we wanted to do about breeding within the next 90d, right?
[14:41] Me: and how long can an unborn kitten be kept boxed in inventory, and is there any harm to them by doing so?
[14:41] StrayCat Southpaw: but if you wanna breed it you will need to consider either find someone with cat of the opposite sex to breed together with and make a deal with the person every other box would be yours. Or else find yourself a second cat with the opposite sex
[14:41] StrayCat Southpaw: forever and ever
[14:41] StrayCat Southpaw: they do not age
[14:41] StrayCat Southpaw: but their traits getting older
[14:42] StrayCat Southpaw: at some point you may find some other traits cuter
[14:42] Me: do they keep each other happier?
[14:42] StrayCat Southpaw: No, but they interact with one another though
[14:42] StrayCat Southpaw: its cute to watch
[14:42] StrayCat Southpaw: its newly bought into the KittyCatS
[14:42] StrayCat Southpaw: by the update that was released some days ago
[14:42] Me: do they “run” (scripts) in the SIM while your avatar is logged out?
[14:42] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[14:43] StrayCat Southpaw: you log out but they keep running around
[14:43] StrayCat Southpaw: and eating from their bowl
[14:43] Me: so visitors can see them active if they visit while you are away
[14:43] Me: nic
[14:43] StrayCat Southpaw: yes they can
[14:43] StrayCat Southpaw: its just you leaving the place, the place itself is still online and so is your cat
[14:43] Me: can you enable friends (by name or by a private group) to hold and play with your cats?
[14:44] StrayCat Southpaw: they can PET them but they can not cuddle or hold them… a cuddled kitty goes as attachment into your inventory and since it is your cat, they can not take away your cat to their inventory
[14:44] Me: do all cats get the updates you release? What do we have to do to get the update?
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: if you want the update and your cat is not already version 1.45 (the current version) then you can grab for 0 L in this store the updater
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: i can show you that
[14:45] Me: if someday we have to be away from SL for a long time, like weeks or months, does a PermaCat in inventory get sick?
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: you rezz out that cat/box and rezz the updater next it
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: then touch the updater
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: the rest works from alone
[14:45] Me: ok, that sounds easy,
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: let me walk you to the updater :)
[14:45] StrayCat Southpaw: grab yourself an LM from here
[14:46] StrayCat Southpaw: label it as KC-FOOD
[14:46] You have added “KittyCatS! – Shop” to your Landmarks folder.
[14:46] StrayCat Southpaw: :)
[14:46] StrayCat Southpaw: so you can return right here later on
[14:46] StrayCat Southpaw: and don’t get lost in the store
[14:46] Me: got the LM here, thanks good idea
[14:47] StrayCat Southpaw: Do you see this tin by my feet?  That turquoise one?
[14:47] StrayCat Southpaw: that is the updater
[14:47] StrayCat Southpaw: you can buy it for 0 L
[14:48] Me: y
[14:48] Me: says 1.44
[14:48] StrayCat Southpaw: no should say 1.45
[14:48] Me: ah, the popup does
[14:48] Me: the turquoise label is just out of date.
[14:48] Me: understood
[14:48] StrayCat Southpaw: okay then it is the right one
[14:48] Me: HUD – something that is purchased separately?
[14:49] StrayCat Southpaw: Yes, the HUD is not needed if you don#t plan on having like a lot more cats
[14:49] StrayCat Southpaw: but i show you where it is
[14:49] StrayCat Southpaw: it is quite helpful
[14:49] StrayCat Southpaw: you can access cats on your place whether you see them or not
[14:49] Me: ah, sounds like a good thing to have
[14:49] StrayCat Southpaw: they could crawl under some furniture and you don’t see them then you can touch the hud and tello them to jump to their home spot
[14:50] StrayCat Southpaw: this is the HUD
[14:50] StrayCat Southpaw: the image right on there
[14:50] You have added “KittyCatS! – Shop” to your Landmarks folder.
[14:51] StrayCat Southpaw: when you buy this, you may want to right away unpack it and wear it before you run the updater
[14:51] Me: the updater updates cats and HUDs?
[14:51] StrayCat Southpaw: every time they release the update and in case the HUD was updated too like with this current update
[14:51] StrayCat Southpaw: you get a new version sent
[14:51] StrayCat Southpaw: when the updater finished
[14:51] StrayCat Southpaw: free auto-updates life long for this hud
[14:51] StrayCat Southpaw: :)
[14:51] Me: what else will i want to know about o need?
[14:51] Me: what have i not known enough to ask?
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: oh you may want to see the tools we have released the cats can interact with
[14:52] Me: are all cats transferable?
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: it is sort of like an additional animation the cat runs if you put it out
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: let me show you
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: the starter cats from the starter bags are not transfer
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: but if they have babies
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: those boxes (the babies) are transfer
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: and if you buy a cat from secondary market from another breeder or a cat market
[14:52] StrayCat Southpaw: then those are transfer too
[14:52] Me: starter bags are for people who want to start breeding
[14:53] Me: ?
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: look
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: above here on the shelves
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: are our starter kitties
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: if you have those
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: then those are not transferable
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: they are starter cat you start your breeding with hence its not needed for them to be transfer
[14:53] StrayCat Southpaw: they get transferable when you permapet them for example
[14:53] Me: each starter cat gives you one breeder cat?
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: starter cats are all breeding cats
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: they are starters because they are like rl strays
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: scruffy on outside but you never know what comes from breeding them
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: 😀
[14:54] Me: do they also only breed for 120d?
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: they are surprise kitties
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[14:54] StrayCat Southpaw: all KC do
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: these starter can have some new trait in them that they only pass by you breeding them
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: thats what makes breeding starters so much fun
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: its like playing lotto
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: 😀
[14:55] Me: ah, i see, the surprise starters are very affordable — as are RL strays <grin>
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: I wasn’t very lucky with lotto though
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: sort of my way of trying to explain it hehe
[14:55] StrayCat Southpaw: okay lets look at the toys :)
[14:56] Me: wait….
[14:56] Me: tell me about these gift boxes
[14:56] Me: “not alive”
[14:56] Me: ?
[14:56] StrayCat Southpaw: yes?
[14:56] Me: or “not YET alive”
[14:57] Me: are they just “statues”?
[14:57] StrayCat Southpaw: ask again i was out of chat range
[14:57] StrayCat Southpaw: please
[14:57] Me: ah, these gifts – are they “gift cards”, or are they cats that will come alive, or are they statues?
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: these are gift cards and once redeemed you can use them as statue
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: :)
[14:58] Me: and how does one redeem the gift cards?
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: they are not eating they are not alive
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: but they blink
[14:58] Me: ah, blinking statues
[14:58] Me: <grin>
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: you rezz these the way they are
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: and touch them
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: then a menu pops up
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: asking you if you wanna redeem so and so many K$
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: you hit YES
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: and it goes to your account
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: from here on out
[14:58] StrayCat Southpaw: you can buy food and such with it here
[14:59] StrayCat Southpaw: just right click food for instance and choose K$ from the menu
[14:59] StrayCat Southpaw: to use the gift cards points instead of linden
[14:59] Me: your account is based on your SL account (e.g. Me for me) buying in the store?
[14:59] StrayCat Southpaw: the KittyDollars aren’t the same as the Lindens you have on your Avatar
[14:59] StrayCat Southpaw: 1 L = 2.5 K$
[15:00] Me: but they are associated with the SL account by you?
[15:00] Me: so if i redeemed one, for example, then I would have those credits available to me (my Avi’s SL account) in the store when i right click on something?
[15:01] StrayCat Southpaw: <-when you registered yet, there you can see what is on your balance from eventual Gift Cards (Bonus) or cats you sent in to menagerie (Balance)
[15:01] Me: (by the way, I really appreciate your help, this is very helpful)
[15:01] StrayCat Southpaw: (you are very welcome :))
[15:02] Me: what is menagerie?
[15:02] StrayCat Southpaw: Menagerie is sort of kitty Heaven
[15:02] StrayCat Southpaw: cats go there and poof from SL therefore you get for each cat you sent in there 50 K$
[15:03] Me: you get a K$ credit for turning a cat in to the menagerie?
[15:03] StrayCat Southpaw: Yes
[15:03] Me: do they become the strays, or are they just gone forever?
[15:03] StrayCat Southpaw: and lets say you are breeding more and for a while and you would menagerie 300 Boxes/cats
[15:03] StrayCat Southpaw: then you could buy with those
[15:03] StrayCat Southpaw: a menagerie Tiger Megapuss
[15:03] StrayCat Southpaw: sorry lagging the order came out wrong
[15:04] StrayCat Southpaw: if you menagerie them they are gone for ever
[15:04] StrayCat Southpaw: but you can take them back within the first 7 days if you changed your mind
[15:04] Me: curious, how is the credit calculated?
[15:04] StrayCat Southpaw: after that they are foreverly gone
[15:04] StrayCat Southpaw: not sure but what i can tell you that 1 L makes a worth of 2.5 KittyDollar
[15:05] StrayCat Southpaw: in the end for every cat you send in you get a worth of 20 L (50 KittyDollars)
[15:05] Me: ah, that is the answer i was curious about.
[15:05] Me: ok, show me the tools/toys?
[15:06] StrayCat Southpaw: alright follow me
[15:06] StrayCat Southpaw: this right here are the scratch n play posts
[15:06] StrayCat Southpaw: the cats running up and down on them is sample display how it looks if they use it
[15:06] StrayCat Southpaw: they will not be like this always they just randomly use it
[15:07] StrayCat Southpaw: its 1 post but with a color changer script in it
[15:07] StrayCat Southpaw: that you can pick from
[15:07] StrayCat Southpaw: those are the 5 you see here
[15:07] Me: ok
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: This here is the wash-play laundry
[15:08] Me: cute
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: dirty laundry the cats play in it
[15:08] Me: what is a MegaPuss?
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: a megapuss is especially big
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: you can not cuddle those
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: therefore you can ride them
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: like yeeeehaaaawwww
[15:08] StrayCat Southpaw: *laughs*
[15:08] Me: ah, as you said, for example, a Tiger
[15:08] Me: ha ha ha
[15:08] Me: are they sold here, too?
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: no those you can get at the secondary market though
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: many breeders get them
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: you know, size is random
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: from any breed you do
[15:09] Me: ah.
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: there can be sometimes special sizes
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: Especially cute and tiny like Teacup
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: or especially big like Megapuss
[15:09] Me: some are bigger than some threshold, and they are instead of cuddlable, they are ridable?
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: so anyone has a chance to get such cats
[15:09] Me: funny
[15:09] StrayCat Southpaw: therefore you can not breed for size
[15:10] StrayCat Southpaw: putting two megas together doesn’t mean you will get a mega
[15:10] StrayCat Southpaw: as its random
[15:10] Me: hmm
[15:10] Me: ok
[15:11] Me: This is all very interesting, and I see that if one got to a point of not being able to keep a cat, there is the option to permacat it, or give it away, or turn it in.
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: oh before you do the same mistakes… .lemme tell you one IMPORTANT THING
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: the menagerie tigers
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: you can not buy yourself a gift card, redeem it to yourself and buy that tiger
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: its not going to work
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: to get such tiger from here you must have sent 300 cats to menagerie
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: or it will not work out
[15:11] StrayCat Southpaw: just to prevent you from making errors
[15:12] Me: ah, no problem
[15:12] StrayCat Southpaw: i had a couple of really royally pissed off customers who did that in my IM’s
[15:12] StrayCat Southpaw: :)
[15:12] StrayCat Southpaw: now wanna see the size of a mega?
[15:12] StrayCat Southpaw: we can look at those tigers
[15:12] Me: ok
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: this one with the green hat
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: is a megapuss
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: you can ride it
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: and if you sit on it
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: you can invite a lady to ride with you
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: she would sit behind you
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: but it works only as long as you are sitting on it
[15:13] StrayCat Southpaw: some one else can not ride it alone without you
[15:13] Me: so, the only way to get one is to turn in many cats to the menagerie?
[15:13] Me: or did i misunderstand?
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: that is one way
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: not the only way
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: you can go write for instance in our forum at
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: in the WANTED corner
[15:14] Me: ah
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: that you look for a megapuss tiger
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: for instance
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: then you get offers
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: they will tell what they want for it
[15:14] Me: MegaPuss cats are sellable/transferable?
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: how many lindens
[15:14] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[15:15] Me: understood.
[15:15] Me: If my partner and I want to take turns holding the cat, we just transfer it back and forth?
[15:15] StrayCat Southpaw: Hop on if you like its fun
// a cat in the store rubbed my leg and said:
[15:15] KittyCats – Green with Envy: Hellooo, I am down here!
[15:15] KittyCats – Green with Envy: Hellooo, I am down here!
// I right clicked on cat and selected Pet, and I was animated to kneel down and pet the cat.
[15:15] StrayCat Southpaw: yes as long as its not a starter cat[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: that is how it works
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: if you bought one at a breeders store
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: then you can just send the cat to your partner
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: and she can hold/cuddle it
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: but make sure she has food with her
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: food is not transfer though
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: she would either need it to return to you for eating
[15:16] Me: My friend said something about the importance of “Dropping” a cat, not “Detaching” it.
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: or have her own food
[15:16] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[15:16] Me: (if you are cuddling)
[15:16] Me: explain?
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: if you are cuddling it then you right click the cat in your arms and choose DROP from the menu
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: that way it plops down on the ground
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: if you detach it
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: sometimes
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: SL eats it
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: means it is not in inventory
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: and not on your arm
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: it sometimes simple vanishes if you detach it
[15:17] Me: oh, it migh fail to go into your inventory if you detach?
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: its not always that way
[15:17] StrayCat Southpaw: but sometimes
[15:18] Me: what happens if that happens?
[15:18] StrayCat Southpaw: ….i don’t know what exactly goes wrong within that process
[15:18] Me: is there a way to get it back (relogging, or with your help?)
[15:18] StrayCat Southpaw: but just remember to not detach
[15:18] Me: ha ha, these two cats are taking turns being envious.
[15:18] Me: cute.
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: you can always submit a ticket at and include that cats ID which is to be found at
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: the pedigree is basically a complete list of all cats you should own
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: if some are eaten or broken they still be listed there
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: you touch the missing or broken cat in that pedigree list
[15:19] Me: how does th pedigree learn about a privately-purchased/transferred cat?
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: and get a pedigree of them where you find their cat ID
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: that ID identifies the cat as your cat and as what it is
[15:19] StrayCat Southpaw: then they return it to you
[15:20] StrayCat Southpaw: if i rezz out a cat the cat connects the KC server
[15:20] Me: not too bad, if one forgets and detaches, and if it gets therefore eaten.
[15:20] StrayCat Southpaw: and tells the server “I am currently at this location, the owner is that person”
[15:20] Me: ah, simple
[15:20] Me: thanks
[15:20] StrayCat Southpaw: and lets say you gift away a cat to your partner
[15:20] StrayCat Southpaw: and they do not rezz that cat out
[15:20] StrayCat Southpaw: but leave it int heir inventory
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: the cat will be keep listed at your place
[15:21] Me: ok
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: the server thinks its still with you
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: despite its not
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: that makes it important for you to tell any person that gets one of your cats, to make sure rezzing it
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: so it goes off your pedigree
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: or else you be hunting “lost cats”
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: that are not lost
[15:21] Me: hey, if you have a non-permacat in inventory for awhile and it gets sick enough to be deeply asleep, will rezzing it near food revive it eventually?
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: but sold or given away
[15:21] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: there are 2 ways dealing a sick cat
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: the cheapest
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: put the sick kitty out
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: near food
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: and wait a full 7 days
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: it will heal by itself
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: if you can’t wait then you can always get a GET WELL potion
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: for instant healing
[15:22] Me: that’s over by the food and milk?
[15:22] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: facing the food shelf it is on the right hand
[15:23] Me: I think we just wrote KittyKatS for Dummies.
[15:23] Me: <grin>
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: more toward the permapet potions
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: Hehe
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: Its okay
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: i like helping newbies
[15:23] Me: May I publish this on my blog?
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: its so charming to see their excitement about what i am excited for since YEARS
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: Sure why not
[15:23] StrayCat Southpaw: :)
[15:24] Me: how many cats do you have, and where do you have enough script capacity to have them all?
[15:24] StrayCat Southpaw: once you are done, feel free to shot me the Link
[15:24] Me: my current rental warns off breeders.
[15:24] StrayCat Southpaw: gonna hand it to KC boss lady so she can spread that if its good
[15:24] StrayCat Southpaw: well it depends on the breeding
[15:24] Me: that will be fun and mutually helpful
[15:24] StrayCat Southpaw: some other breedable animals are heavily lagged
[15:25] Me: My I leave your Avi name in the blog?
[15:25] StrayCat Southpaw: Sure :)
[15:25] StrayCat Southpaw: but KC is not. Some from our team keep hundreds of cats alive on their own sims
[15:25] Me: so having a cat or two in my rental is unlikely to irritate my “no breeders” landlord?
[15:26] StrayCat Southpaw: I don’t know if those other animals still lag as bad as they did years ago but there was a time they caused some bad lag
[15:26] StrayCat Southpaw: yeah
[15:26] StrayCat Southpaw: it should not even occur to the landlord that you keep them, they are so low lagged that they have hardly an influence just the two of them
[15:26] Me: well, Stray, this has been great, and I may well publish this somewhere public, and If I do I’ll let you know.
[15:27] StrayCat Southpaw: Thank you very much
[15:27] StrayCat Southpaw: if you have more questions :) let me know
[15:27] StrayCat Southpaw: Otherwise have a fine evening
[15:28] Me: thanks!

[16:02] StrayCat Southpaw: about the food
[16:03] StrayCat Southpaw: i need to make sure you understand … 1 cat eats 1 bowl per 28 days (when its breeding is enabled) if you have a 20 pack like we saw back there
[16:03] StrayCat Southpaw: 20 cats can eat of it for 28 days or 1 cat consumes it in 20 times 28 days
[16:03] StrayCat Southpaw: like 1 cat = 20 month or 20 cats = 1 month (20 pack)
[16:04] Dearborn Carling: if the cat isn’t eating it will last twice that long, right?
[16:08] Dearborn Carling: “1 mo” is actually 28 days, then?
[16:08] StrayCat Southpaw: yes
[16:09] StrayCat Southpaw: oh and i totally didn’t see you asked me about my cats. I have currently like a total of 16 pairs. Makes a total of 32 cats, I used to have 50 or more at times
[16:09] StrayCat Southpaw: they are addictive
[16:10] StrayCat Southpaw: when i see traits that I like or a combination that I especially taken a liking on or furs i never see on the grid much, I breed it. I have also like 900+ boxes including my collectibles that i keep and that are partly permapets
[16:10] StrayCat Southpaw: With that i am in the lower end. I know people with 8000+ boxes
[16:10] StrayCat Southpaw: and some with 200+ cats
[16:11] StrayCat Southpaw: I could not feed so many, but it shows that this breedable is so very addictive and its always hard to decide what you are wishing to breed for.
[16:12] StrayCat Southpaw: Oh here’s a site you may like to look it it is a site that is called “Build a cat” you can choose traits from a drop down menu and next it stands the result. That way you can see what traits look good together and what you like to combine. Its a funny lil tool done by one breeder for other breeders and fans of KittyCatS:

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